Chub Agroconcept

Chub Agroconcept

The site of a company that is engaged in agricultural robotics and provides consultations on all technological areas of the niche.

In this project, I was engaged in the design of the main page, menu, footer. Then I did the filling with content.

Terms of Reference:

Create a home page design.

Fill with content, including find and edit texts and photos.


Directors opened a subsidiary company, and it was necessary to combine two companies on the same site. It was decided to insert 2 logos.

I made the menu on the left side, as the main logo is in the form of a circle. If I made the ego small, the text would be illegible. Therefore, the side menu was created.

The first screen is a slider, with photos of products and animals. Each picture has a header.

On the second screen, there are two columns. There is a description of what each company does. Visually it shows that the site for two companies, and explains why 2 logos.

The color was chosen green. It fits the theme of animal husbandry.

Made the design of the main easy to make up.

Difficulties at work

A lot of work to download content. Texts searched in commercial offers, and other sources.

Corrections from the customer

Changed some photos in the slider, and other photos on the site. Changed some texts.

Due date

Approximate time of filling the site with content 3 months. Materials appeared gradually.

Work on the site is still in progress. Changing positions of goods, texts, photos.

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