Effective setting of advertising on the Internet


The company is engaged in setting up advertising on Facebook, with a guarantee of attracting customers.

Unfortunately, this site has been closed. I have uploaded the layout for viewing.

Terms of Reference:

Create a one-page website to attract customers. To make a presentation of services, to show information about the company, to confirm information with feedback.


The design was created in the graphical editor Photoshop. Already at this stage were written texts, and built the structure of the site. In the arrangement of the blocks I followed the AIDA marketing formula (attention, interest, desire, action). I placed 4 calls to action and buttons with contact form. I got a layout with the appearance as now a ready-made site. Approved very quickly, which was also a pleasure.

I have fulfilled the task set. Upon entering the site, the user will immediately understand what is offered to him. Constantly igniting interest in the effective setting of advertising on the Internet, and receiving clients. There are convenient forms for communication, and calls to action. Beautiful appearance, and fast download speed. It is a pity that the site for some reason became unnecessary and it was removed.

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