Future Cars

Future Cars

Selling cars from the U.S. and Korea. Made by the example of the client's old site. The old site was made on Wix. And could not develop. The new site was created using WordPress.

Terms of Reference:

Create a new site. Take content from the old site. Update the design.


The main color is yellow. It is used as an accent color, as well as the background of the header and some page blocks.

A great combination of yellow and dark gray.

Machine cards have a light shadow around them. It intensifies when hovered over.

The main image on the home page was created in Photoshop. The background of the city is darkened. Cars are inserted in such a way that they would be on the road, regardless of the width of the screen.

Car description page

An individual template was created for this site. All elements of the car page can be changed through the admin panel. In the right column, the characteristics of the car are written. If the line of a certain car property is filled in, it is shown on the site. If the field is left empty, the site does not show the icon and a number of properties.

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