I Tech Labs

I Tech Labs

I Tech Labs is an it company that deals with application development, testing and software development, UI / UX. High-class specialists are constantly needed. Landing page is designed to attract employees with experience and knowledge to the company.

Terms of Reference:

Create a one-page website, company presentation. I Tech Labs – a modern IT company. The purpose of which is to attract programmers to work. It was necessary to make beautiful and not usually.


The design was based on the logo design. Black and white colors and red gradient were used. Red goes like an accent. I highlighted important points on the site. All photos were discolored. For some I added not large fragments of red.

The font used is Maven Pro. It fits the style of the site perfectly for me. The hierarchy of text is maintained, from more to less. Headings of the second level are separated by color and boldness. Made using the tag css properties.

Icons were taken from the Internet. After that, all skipped through Adobe Photoshop. I made color correction, edited the size, optimized their weight. All this took some time. But for quality work, this procedure is necessary.

The site is visually divided into sections. When one section ends and another begins, we see a change in the background color. External indents are always more internal, as my mentor Vitaliy Spivachuk taught me.

Difficulties at work

It was necessary to make the site very quickly. I decided to work for WordPress. Since in this format, the customer sees the process of creating the site. In us there was no time to make a layout, and then pass on the layout. I invented how it would look and immediately put on the site. I used a constructor on Betheme with knowledge of html css and the program Photoshop.

I had to work in the evenings.

Corrections from the customer

We went through a lot of pictures, because we needed something special.
Logo has been reduced.
Made a red gradient on the first screen from the upper left corner to the lower right corner. At first, it was a little different.

Due date

4 days of intensive work and the site was ready for computers. Then we took a short break. Work on optimization for mobile devices, setting up SEO, registration in search engines and so on in 5 hours.

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