Internet shop Katerina Kvit

Katerina Kvit

Katerina Kvit is a branded clothing store.

The project on which I created my WordPress theme for an online store. The store's functionality is built on the Woocommerce plugin.

Terms of Reference:

Create an online store by design with a layout. Connect payment via Visa Mastercard. The site should be a recalculation of the price in different currencies. Adaptivity for all types of devices.

Technical aspects

Multicurrency (choice in what currency to show prices) is made with the help of a paid plugin. I set up what currencies should be, put up a service to update the exchange rate, inserted a widget switching on the site, edited the appearance.

Product cards are made with the effect of changing the image when pointing. For example, you can show clothes on one side, and when hovering with the opposite.

Difficulties at work

It was necessary to work through all the details, with different behavior of the site. I adjusted the appearance of the whole site. For example, a mini shopping cart. When you hover the window with the goods, as on all Internet stores. Each detail requires time, work. As well as invisible elements, different notifications of successful operations or errors. Worked through the order page, search, thank you page, and others.

Corrections from the customer

After submission of the project, I received a list of corrections that contradict the design. We have reduced the fonts, product photos. We have changed the menu in the store section. Changed the location of some blocks.

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