Our Accounting

Our Accounting

The website of the company "Our Accounting". A complex project with two language versions, the function of selling info products, and online payment.

Terms of Reference:

Show on the site all kinds of services that the company provides. Each service should have a separate page with a beautiful design.

Make two language versions.

Set up the functionality to buy courses and pay for participation in events. Online payment. A personal account for users.


A gradient from blue to purple is often used.

Site colors: purple, orange.

The photos used on the site were taken from photostocks.

There was a photo of the director of the company. I used it on the first screen and near the contact form. The photo of the director increases the level of trust.

Difficulties at work

Used a lot of photos, which was difficult to choose. Since the photo must match the theme of the site, and the text next to which it is located.

Customer edits

We changed some of the photos. Instead of business photos, we put emotional ones.

Due date

Work with this site lasted for a month and a half. The design and layout were done simultaneously. We made edits and added pages.

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